Spring 2017


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Hello everyone


We’ve had inquiries recently asking us to explain how Bexters Soda Crystals work and why they are so effective. As a natural, non-invasive remedy for a variety of painful conditions, especially swollen joints and bursitis, the benefits are well documented:


• Reduces swelling
• Aids recovery after injury or over-exertion
• Relieves pain and inflammation
• Relaxes tired, aching muscles


The science is simple for our crystals… used in association with our purpose designed applicator wrap, a natural process known as ‘osmosis’ allows excess fluid to be removed from a swollen knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, hip or back. This can arise from a fall, severe bump or knock, sports injury, twisted ankle, tennis elbow or some other mishap.


Bexters is recommended as a natural, safe and effective treatment for many painful conditions that can affect sleep, interfere with day-to-day activities and sometimes lead to a more chronic condition that might require medical intervention.


I hope this explanation has been helpful - please get in touch with any questions or go to our website for testimonials and information on all our products. See video below.


Until next time!


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Bear Grylls  

"Bowen has helped keep my body together… a vital support in putting right new aches and pains while making sure old injuries don’t cause me problems…"


Bear Grylls, adventurer and explorer



Free Bexters trial for sports clubs… can you help?


We are looking for volunteers to take part in a free trial, using the crystals and answering a short survey.


Are you able to recommend us to a club coach or trainer (running, rugby, cycling, football etc)? If so please send us their name and contact details. If they are selected to take part in the trial – there is no cost involved – we will send you a ‘thank you’ gift with your next available order. At the same time, please drop me a quick note so I know to expect their call. THANK YOU!


Soda Crystals


Struggling with back pain?


May 19-20: The Back Pain Show, Birmingham.


One-stop shop for all those suffering from back problems and the health professionals who look after them.


We’ll be there to showcase our health and wellness products and talk about Bowen therapy. It’s free to attend so do come and say hello.


The Back Pain Show


Helen is always available for advice and help



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