Summer 2019


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Hello everyone


WE were reminded recently that Bowtech Ease, our multi award-winning oil for relief of painful bunions, joints and arthritic conditions has a multitude of other uses.


As a natural remedy made from a combination of essential oils and developed by an Ayurvedic practitioner, this ‘magic potion’ can be used as an alternative in any situation where a topical application of arnica gel or cream may be used.


Arnica has long been considered a household treatment for ailments such as bruising, grazes, insect bites and even swollen joints. And it was a question about bruising from a customer that gave me an idea for a blog article in which I explore the benefits of arnica versus Bowtech Ease, which has been described as a ‘first aid kit’ in a bottle.


When it comes to swollen joints, however, there is nothing more effective than Bexters crystals and I would love your support as we seek to win external recognition.


As you know we already hold three awards for Bowtech Ease, including one from renowned author and broadcaster Janey Lee Grace, a high-profile champion of natural health and beauty.


We now hope to achieve a similar accolade for Bexters, specifically their unique ability to reduce swelling when used with our purpose-designed applicator wrap.


We have been promoting the Janey Loves Platinum Awards on our website and social media and would be forever grateful if you felt able to add your vote … the deadline is August 16th.


Janey Loves Platinum Awards


Whatever the outcome, be assured we do appreciate your support and love to receive your comments and questions… Please keep them coming.


Until next time…


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Summer Offer… FREE crystals with footbath


FREE Bexters Bath Crystals with travel bath


Price: £11.99


Music festivals, camping (or should that be glamping) trips, walking holidays and long-haul travel can lead to tired, swollen feet and ankles with no immediate means of relief. Not to mention the hot weather we’ve been enjoying (or not) recently.


One solution is our portable easy to inflate footbath, flat packed for ease of storage. It requires just four hearty puffs to blow it up… promise! Add a handful of Bexters Soda Crystals or Bexters Bath Crystals and feel the puffiness and fatigue ease away… bliss!


Looking after the feet is an important investment in your overall health and wellbeing and never more so than in hot weather. Marathon running, tennis, cricket and other seasonal outdoor activities can put feet under more stress than usual. A daily soak can make all the difference.


Buy now


International Bath Day

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Facebook event to mark International Bath Day in June. It was a bit of fun with a serious purpose – to probe the results of a nationwide survey carried out by a plumbing company. The response to our promotion seems to indicate that bathing is not completely on the way out. It seems to depend on our mood whether we choose to shower (quick and refreshing) or soak in the bath for a more relaxing effect. If you missed it on Facebook, you might like to read Helen’s blog and tell us your preference.




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