• Applicator Hand Mitt + Bexters® Soda Crystals 200g

    The mitt has been designed to effectively hold the crystals in place to ensure relief from painful, aching or swollen muscles and joints – such as may be associated with a sports injury, a fall or arthritic conditions. Two sealable pouches hold the crystals in place with adjustable Velcro straps for secure fastening around hand and wrist. Ideal also for recovery from post-operative swelling. The mitt can be re-used, and more crystals ordered as needed.

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    Weight 0.300 kg

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    1. Brenda Howard, Peterborough

      I have badly swollen hands and wrists from rheumatoid arthritis. After using the mitt with Bexters® Soda Crystals just 3-4 times I had much less pain and the swelling was considerably reduced… my Bowen therapist was equally impressed with such a noticeable improvement. The mitt is easy to use and to launder and is a real aid for those with this condition.

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