• Bath Treat

    Bexters Bath Crystals contain extra Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) with the addition of essential oil of peppermint for the ultimate rejuvenating bath experience… bliss! A relaxing bath before bed is known to aid restful sleep.

    Follow with B-Line’s plant-based hand and body lotion, whose signature formulation of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil will moisturise, nourish and condition the skin. The handy size makes it perfect to keep in your handbag.


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    1. Judith Wojtowicz, Cambridgeshire

      I have long-used Bexters Bath Crystals to relax after a tiring day at my desk, and after Helen recommended B-Line I now follow up with this body lotion. I like the subtle fragrance and the way it smooths easily onto the skin and leaves no residue, which can be a problem with other brands.

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