Spring 2019


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Hello everyone


By happy coincidence, just as I return from a fabulous holiday in Australia, I am seeing lots of activity around National Foot Health Month (April).


It seems like I walked for miles, covering far more than the recommended 10,000 steps a day while sightseeing and catching up with friends and colleagues, which reinforced the importance of looking after our feet.


The feet contain almost 25 per cent of all the bones in our body not to mention a complex network of muscles, ligaments and tendons. They enable us to walk and run, maintain good posture and absorb shock so it’s no wonder that we feel grumpy if our feet hurt!


Tired or swollen feet and ankles from sporting injury, standing for long periods, too much walking or indeed, long-haul travel such as my trip to Oz, will benefit from a soak in warm water with Bexters crystals, while Bowtech Ease will reduce inflammation and relieve painful bunions and joints.


As a reflexologist I know first-hand that looking after the feet also brings wider physical and emotional benefits, and I welcome this initiative spearheaded by the College of Podiatry. We should all try harder to treat our feet with the respect they deserve.


To show my support, I have prepared a series of foot-related articles which will appear on my blog throughout April… happy reading!


Until next time…


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Hot off the press!


Daily Mail article Bexters Soda Crystals

Our competition at the end of last year on the website Imperfectly Natural had an unexpected and welcome spin-off when we made it into the Good Health section of the Daily Mail.


Bexters Soda Crystals were one of several products included in a round-up of bath salts… rubber duck not included!



Step into Spring and #loveyourfeet


Bowtech Ease and Bexters Bath Crystals


As we enjoy longer Spring days and look forward to warmer weather, it’s goodbye boots and woollie tights and hello sandals and flip flops. To help you kick-start a good footcare regimen, we are offering Bexters Bath Crystals at half price (£2.50) with every order of 10ml Bowtech Ease (£12.95).


Helen's Top Tip


Start your home pedi with a crystals foot soak to soften the skin and make nail clipping easier. Exfoliate to remove any hard skin and finish with your favourite foot cream. Apply Bowtech Ease to bunions, chilblains or other sensitive joints and press in until dry. Re-apply oil twice daily until inflammation and discomfort subsides.


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What others say…


‘Bowtech Ease relieves the pain from my arthritic toes and a soak in Bexters crystals relieves aches and pains after a hard session of gardening! These products have certainly improved my quality of life and I wouldn’t be without them.’


Trevor Ward, Cambridgeshire



Having frozen our delivery charges for the past three years, we are now in a position where we can no longer accommodate increasing Post Office and courier charges. No doubt you are all grumbling at the increase in price of stamps! This means that from May, our P&P charges will be going up. This might be a good time for you to consider if you wish to place an order before the new charges come into effect. Thank you for your understanding.




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