Spring 2020


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Hello everyone


AS I write, I am pleased to see the message to #stayhomesavelives is being heard loud and clear across the country. With time on our hands, maybe an ideal moment to catch up on all those tasks we’ve been putting off?



My priority list includes spring-cleaning the office and updating my filing system to create new energy. Not to mention delighting my PA when restrictions are lifted, and she can return to work!


At the same time, I am awaiting a large shipment of Bexters crystals on its way from Australia which will have to be processed at the docks, transported to a colleague’s warehouse ready to be weighed, bagged and labelled. It remains to be seen if we can complete that process in the usual way.


No worries about fulfilling your orders, however, as PA Julia is good at planning ahead which means we always stay well stocked. The Post Office and couriers are operating as normal and we’ve seen increased demand for Bowtech Ease as we move into hay fever season; it’s worth noting this aromatherapy oil blend has anti-bacterial properties and is an effective remedy for many everyday ailments… bruises, bunions, arthritic conditions, sinusitis and more.


Bexters Bath Crystals are also proving popular now there is more time for a relaxing soak. As we are waiting for a plumber to fix our shower, I have no excuse… #metime


Keep smiling and stay safe.


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Foot Health Month


Reflexologists, podiatrists and others have had to re-think their activities for Foot Health Month as we are staying isolated and unable to see clients.


Walking is allowed for exercise and overall fitness but sometimes we forget that feet are our forgotten heroes and deserve some TLC also.


As our contribution to Foot Health Month we are posting a weekly foot workout on Facebook with the hashtag #fridayfeet


Anyone can have a go so please check in every Friday, take those socks off and share your foot photos on social media to give us all a smile!



Springtime Special Offer



Self-isolation and being cooped up indoors in a busy household may cause stress levels to rise. A relaxing bath is always a good way to spend a bit of time alone and never more so than during these strange times.


We must trust the advice we are given on how to protect ourselves and others – that means staying at home unless buying food or caring for vulnerable friend or family.


Enjoy a soak in Bexters Bath Crystals, calm mind and body and re-join the fray with a smile!


FREE Bexters Bath Crystals with travel bath


Price: £8.00 (save £2.00)


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Swollen knees/ankles?


Exercise is allowed… one walk, jog or cycle every day to enjoy some fresh air and prevent mind and body from getting too sluggish. Those of you who have been training for the marathon season will be especially happy to keep running.


With access to GPs, massage therapists and sports physios curtailed, one solution is to try our award-winning Bexters Soda Crystals with purpose-designed applicator wrap to reduce swelling from injury or accident.


Helen has also been able to assist a client with a badly swollen knee after his hospital operation was cancelled. After applying the wrap with crystals, he is now moving more freely with less pain.


Applicator wraps of various sizes can be purchased as a combo with sachet of crystals at a reduced price. See full selection on our website.


Applicator Wraps


Starting price: £19.94



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