Autumn 2020


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Hello everyone


CHANGING seasons often coincide with the onset of aches and pains, sometimes for no obvious reason. I recall my late grandmother saying ‘cold weather is coming’ because her swollen knuckles had become more troublesome.


I thought of her this week while reading about National Arthritis Week (October 7-13) as we head into Autumn and cooler weather. Managing symptoms includes gentle exercise such as swimming or stretching to help keep muscles and joints supple and mobile.


Some of my own clients also book regular Bowen therapy sessions to help with movement. In one case a client with chronic rheumatoid arthritis was able to reduce her medication.


An estimated 10m people in the UK suffer from arthritic conditions although joint pain can come in many forms and does not always signify arthritis… bunions, for example, or a sporting injury causing swelling or bruising. In extreme cases, post-operative rehabilitation can be slow due to painful swollen joints.


Bathing in Bexters crystals, or soaking hands/feet, can ease some of those aches and pains; using the crystals with our purpose-designed applicator wrap helps reduce swelling enabling quicker recovery from injury or surgery. Bowtech Ease, our award-winning Ayurvedic aromatherapy oil blend, has also been shown to relieve painful inflamed joints as well as the symptoms of hay fever and other everyday ailments.


For more information on how our natural health and wellness products could help you and your family please go to our website.


Keep well and stay safe #handsfacespace


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This year we are offering two exclusive Christmas gift bags in a joint promotion with our friends at B-Line Health and Beauty. You will be able to choose from Bath Ease or Bath Treat… full details coming soon in the Bowen Boutique.




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It seems COVID is here to stay which means stress levels are likely to rise again as government guidance changes almost from day to day… apologies for the political reference!


A pre-bedtime relaxing bath is still one of the easiest ways we know to ‘shut out the noise’ and enjoy some #metime Lock the door, perhaps light a fragranced candle, and sink into the tub (assuming you have one).


Bath Crystals


With that in mind we are offering a FREE bag of Bexters Bath Crystals (RRP £5.99) with essential oil of peppermint, with any order over £20.00. Offer expires October 31st 2020.


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Bath Crystals

Bath vs Shower?


Read Helen’s blog.

Bath Crystals

What are you saying?


"A combination of Bowen Technique, alternating with soaking my feet in Bexters crystals and applying Bowtech Ease daily, sorted out a painful Achilles tendon enabling me to win a gold medal at my local tennis club… thank you, Helen!"


Julia Richardson, Stamford


Bath Crystals




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