Spring 2021


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Hello everyone


THE pandemic has made us all think more seriously about our health, not just the physical body but our emotional, mental and social wellbeing also.


As we emerge from the long winter lockdown I have spoken to many clients and customers determined to follow a more natural, holistic way of living. This is also in tune with the growing trend towards sustainability.


Our products reflect that approach, being natural, safe, environmentally friendly and effective on all manner of everyday ailments. Our return to work coincides with Foot Health Month; what better reason to give your feet some well-deserved TLC as we look forward to warmer weather, swapping boots and socks for sandals and flip flops while dreaming of a staycation - or even an overseas holiday to a green zone destination.


We suggest Bexters Bath Crystals for a reviving foot soak (or indeed a bath if you prefer!) and 10ml Bowtech Ease to relieve bunion pain, chilblains and arthritic joints. The bath crystals contain extra Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) with essential oil of peppermint, a natural anti-inflammatory… perfect for tired, swollen feet and ankles.


The benefits of award-winning Bowtech Ease need no reminder, being a favourite among professional therapists and for home use to relieve a variety of everyday ailments. For more information on how our natural products could help you and your family please see our website.


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Foot Health Month


Christmas gift  

During lockdown Helen shared some DIY reflexology tips using these socks as a fun guide to some of the more accessible reflex points.


For example, to relieve aching shoulders where stress has accumulated from stooping over a laptop, focus on the part of the foot just beneath and close to the little toes. Starting with the right foot, press and release firmly on this spot about 10 times. Ideally the shoulders will feel a little looser.


We are sharing more advice during April on a variety of foot health problems on our blog and via Facebook so do please pop in and take a look or send your questions directly to Helen.



Spring special offer


Bath Relief


Our exclusive gift bag contains Bexters Bath Crystals 200g and Bowtech Ease 10ml rollerball plus a free exfoliating glove.


For full details and to place your order please visit the web shop where you will also find details of our portable foot bath.




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Portable Footbath


Easy to inflate and deflate after use, this footbath can be stored away or even added to a suitcase for travel. There is nothing better than a foot soak when feet feel hot, tired and swollen but very few people have a foot spa at home and end up using a washing up bowl. Our footbath is the ideal solution.




Price: £11.99


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Bath Crystals

Training has re-started


Training has resumed we are pleased to say and inquiries are coming in for Helen’s post-graduate courses for professional therapists as well as training for anyone who wishes to study the Bowen Technique.


As an award-winning trainer she especially enjoys teaching the therapists of tomorrow while also helping established complementary therapists to enhance their skills and so build their business. Full details of all Helen’s courses can be found on her website.




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