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Autumn 2022


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Hello everyone


THE benefits of Bexters Crystals are well documented for the relief of muscular aches and pains, as well as reducing swelling to accelerate recovery from injury or surgery.


Experience has shown the crystals to have the same beneficial effect on horses.


Christmas gift  

Word is clearly spreading as we have noticed an increase in inquiries and orders from equine therapists, and others involved in the equine community.


We are currently running a trial inviting trainers, owners, vets and therapists to use Bexters as a hoof soak or with applicator wrap, to treat a variety of ailments commonly affecting horses causing them pain and distress. These include swollen joints (fetlock, hock and knee), tendon sprains, windgalls, laminitis and bruised soles.


Bowen therapists who specialise in treating horses are already familiar with Bexters, and we thank all those who are helping us with the trial including an overseas colleague with connections to the Dubai horse racing fraternity… exciting!


Here at home, David and Imogen Kemp offer rehabilitation and point-to-point training. They describe Bexters as their ‘go to remedy’ for targeting bruising, swelling and hoof abscess. “The crystals are simple to use and very effective,” they say.


If you own a horse, or know someone who rides regularly, we’d love to hear from you (see below).


Until next time… Helen


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Join our focus group


If you own a horse or know someone who rides regularly, you might like to join our focus group as part of a wider trial of Bexters Crystals within the equine community (see above). Several yards and stables have agreed to participate having heard good reports from some of our equine Bowen therapists, who also use Bexters on their human clients!


We have a few places still available for the focus group. Once accepted, we will send you a free 200g sachet of crystals, with an information flyer, to use as a hoof soak. In return, we ask you to send feedback by completing a questionnaire.


For more information, please email or call Helen using the usual contact details above… thank you.



Heels or trainers?


The humble training shoe, once the preserve of athletes, gym bunnies and sporty types has become a fashion accessory. Some say heels are bad for the posture and cause sore feet and bunions. Should we embrace the new-look trainer for its comfort value? Either way, we reckon those tired feet will welcome a soak in Bexters. Try the original soda crystals to reduce swelling and relieve throbbing soles. Or Bexters Bath Crystals with essential oil of peppermint to leave sweaty feet fresh and sweet!

Bath Crystals

Goodbye to bunion pain




Helen has long advocated our award-winning aromatherapy oil blend Bowtech Ease, developed by an Ayurvedic aromatherapy practitioner initially for the relief of painful, inflamed bunions. It is equally effective on all painful joints and if you haven’t yet tried it, please read Joan’s personal story on our website here to see how it is helping the degenerative arthritis in her feet.

Bath Crystals

Fancy trying Bowtech?


To find out more about Bowen therapy, you might like to attend Helen’s introductory one-day workshop (January 21st 2023) designed to give more insight into this little-understood yet highly effective therapy. Open to non-professionals, it’s ideal for anyone thinking of booking a treatment or for those who might like to embark on a career change. For more information, please see Helen’s website.

Bath Crystals

Price review delayed


In contrast to many other businesses, while we too are faced with rising prices affecting ingredients and components, we have decided to absorb these increases for the time being to support our loyal customers and clients. You may notice a small change in postage or courier prices depending on size of order and destination.




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