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Winter 2023


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Hello everyone


WE'VE had a flurry of inquiries recently asking about the difference between Bexters Soda Crystals and Bexters Bath Crystals. While these have come mostly from new customers, we thought it would be useful to remind everyone of the benefits of both.


Bexters Soda Crystals


These award-winning crystals are unique in their ability to reduce swelling by drawing out the fluid that often accumulates after an injury. For swollen joints and limbs use overnight with our purpose-designed applicator wrap. Recommended by physiotherapists to aid post-surgery rehabilitation.


Treatment of choice by top athletes to relieve aching muscles after intense training or performance. A reviver after sports, exertion or to relieve fatigue and symptoms of ME, fibromyalgia and Long Covid.


Bexters Bath Crystals


Additional Epsom salts and essential oil of peppermint create a more rejuvenating bath experience, helping to relax and replace lost magnesium due to exercise or exertion which may help repair/strengthen bones.


Used as a soak for hands and feet, clients report improvement to soft tissue injuries such as a strained Achilles tendon, arthritic fingers and toes. Especially helpful in treatment of painful, inflamed bunions, followed by application of award-winning Bowtech Ease. This multi award-winning oil also helps relieve itchy winter chilblains!


All our specialist products are natural, safe and effective as well as being environmentally friendly. For more information on how they could help you and your family please see our website.


Until next time… Helen


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Helen's Top Tip


Here is a way of making your Christmas gift go a little further. Add a few drops of that aromatherapy bath oil (less than normal) to running water with a handful of Bexters Bath Crystals. You will enjoy double benefit, relieving those aches and pains while luxuriating in your favourite fragrance.



Winter Warmer offer


Here is one last chance to treat yourself and save some money at the same time. Bexters Bath Crystals will be yours for half normal price when you order a 10ml Bowtech Ease rollerball.


Soaking your feet in warm water with added crystals will soften the skin and improve blood circulation. Follow with our award-winning aromatherapy oil blend to stop itching chilblains and reduce inflammation on troublesome bunions.




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Bath Crystals

Equine focus group


Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal inviting volunteers to take part in a trial using Bexters Soda Crystals to treat some of the injuries that commonly afflict horses. We know many equine therapists already use our crystals to complement treatment, with positive results. To meet growing demand from new inquiries, we aim to gather as much independent evidence as possible through our focus group. We will be in touch very soon… thank you for your patience.

Bath Crystals

Spreading the word


The start of a new year means charity and community groups are always looking for guest speakers to entertain and inform their members. When time allows, Helen loves spreading the word about the benefit of complementary therapy; most recently she presented on reflexology to a local group of the University of 3rd Age (U3A). Helen’s colleagues around the country would most likely also be happy to give a talk to any local group… ask your therapist or search online.




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