Spring 2024


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Hello everyone


I SAT down to write this newsletter towards the end of Foot Health Month which got me thinking not only about the growing interest in natural remedies – our award-winning Bexters crystals and Bowtech Ease oil have a part to play in maintaining foot health – but also in complementary therapy.


In my role as chairman of Bowen Training UK I have seen that while demand for a more holistic approach to healthcare is rising, there is a shortage of properly qualified and registered practitioners. This ‘skills gap’ was identified in the 2023 report by the government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty and Wellbeing.


The report recognises complementary therapy plays an important role in helping people take a proactive and preventative approach to health, or ‘even in identifying existing health conditions at an early stage’. Bowen Association UK and Association of Reflexologists both contributed to this report, which stresses the need to ‘attract more talent and especially to ensure therapists receive the right training’ to become highly skilled professionals.


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As an experienced therapist and instructor, I welcome this conclusion, just one of the reasons we are delighted to welcome Diane Brown to our team of instructors accredited by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.


Based in Hampshire, Diane now offers training courses for anyone who wishes to become a Bowen Technique (Bowtech) practitioner, the route she followed herself after finding great relief from treatment for a long-term frozen shoulder.


Diane told us: “After 10 years as a Bowtech therapist, training to become an instructor was a natural progression.” To find out more about Diane and all our training options, please see the Bowen Training UK website where you can request a free Prospectus. You can also contact us via Facebook and Instagram.


We welcome inquiries from anyone who wishes to train as a Bowtech therapist, regardless of age or employment background. The only requirement is an enthusiasm to learn and commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the nation.




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Help for hay fever


Warmer weather means itchy eyes and constant sneezing for those of you who suffer seasonal hay fever. Many of our customers have found relief after applying Bowtech Ease. Check out Helen’s video with simple instructions.


…and other ailments


‘I bought Bowtech Ease from my Bowen therapist Mena, and wow, it’s amazing! It has certainly helped ease my arthritic knee… highly recommended.’


Lisa, Middlesbrough


‘Having been in terrific pain from sinusitis and trying various remedies to no avail, I tried Bowtech Ease. I felt the benefit straightaway - no need for painkillers or steam inhalations. Within four days all symptoms had gone… an excellent result and a highly recommended natural product.’


Peter, Cambridgeshire




‘My bunion was red, inflamed and very painful. After applying Bowtech Ease regularly as advised by my reflexologist Jyotsna, the inflammation began to improve. It has now gone completely, and the area is no longer painful to the touch.’


Lynne, Rickmansworth




Many of our users describe Bowtech Ease as a ‘magic potion’ while Helen calls it a first aid kit in a bottle due to its versatility.


Our 10ml rollerball is £12.95 or you can save almost £4 by ordering our duo pack for just £22.00.


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