• Bowtech Ease 10ml

    This handy 10ml rollerball can be kept in a handbag, sports bag or car glove box for ease of use – or in the bathroom cabinet. Just roll once or twice over the affected area and apply gentle press/release action using pad of thumb or finger until absorbed and skin is dry. Use twice daily to start with and then once only as pain or inflammation subsides.  Ideal for bunions and other painful joints. Effective relief also for hayfever, chilblains and sinusitis.


    Available as a pack of two at a discounted price.

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    8 reviews for Bowtech Ease 10ml

    1. Pauline Koelling, Physiotherapist and Bowen therapist, Leicester

      My hands have suffered with dryness and eczema with all the lockdown washing and now wearing PPE gloves, and Bowtech Ease really helps. This Ayurvedic aromatherapy oil blend is soothing and smells wonderful. The rollerball is easy to apply. It doesn’t sting and seems to help speed-up healing… lovely stuff!

    2. Lindsey Frazier, Bowen therapist, Bellingham, Washington State, USA

      My clients and I love Bowtech Ease… please don’t ever stop selling it!

    3. Kim Sheppard, Bowen Therapist – Tavistock, Devon

      Having found Bowtech Ease so effective myself for various applications, I have been more than happy to recommend it to my clients. I have found it beneficial for arthritic conditions and also any situation where arnica might have been considered for topical application.

    4. Joy Whitehead

      I have rheumatoid arthritis thankfully only in my fingers and I have been using this oil now for several months. The results I have achieved have been amazing for me. The oil has eliminated any pain in my fingers and thumbs (meaning I can dance again without pain in my hands!) and the swellings in my fingers have reduced and my fingers are beginning to look straighter. I will continue to use this product on a daily basis! Wonderful!

    5. Helen Shardlow, medical herbalist Oundle

      I suffer intermittently with a painful big toe joint when wearing high heels, or after physical activity that requires me to bend my feet such as crouching in the garden… possibly osteoarthritis? Bowtech Ease takes away the pain within minutes, even when I am experiencing quite severe discomfort. It’s incredible. I would certainly recommend to others.

    6. Sheila Lowe, Alton, Hampshire

      Bowtech Ease has worked wonders on my bunion – thank you for brilliant product and excellent personal service.

    7. Lorraine Clark, Editor Queen Bee magazine, Peterborough

      I have suffered with a bunion for three years and for the past 18 months it has been very painful. I haven’t been able to wear my favourite shoes and have often had to opt for flatties which haven’t brought out the best in my outfits! Since using Bowtech Ease I have noticed a difference and last week I was actually back in party heels!

    8. Linda Woods – Peterborough

      I have to say I did not believe Bowtech Ease would help but having used it for a couple of months my bunions are not as painful… truly magic!

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