Summer 2023


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Hello everyone


WE love to receive feedback from happy customers sharing their stories of how our products have helped them with various problems. Many of them have a common theme although from time to time we are made aware of a new and compelling story.


The before and after pictures shown here were sent to us by Karen, whose Bowen therapist in Oldham recommended our award-winning Bexters Soda Crystals with applicator wrap following Karen’s surgery for a double hernia.




Four weeks after the operation she was still suffering with significant swelling and discomfort around the abdomen, to the extent that many of her clothes no longer fitted. After applying the wrap with crystals every other night, for two weeks, her stomach was pretty much back to its pre-surgery condition… a truly impressive result.


Please read her story in full on our website along with many other case studies, and judge the benefits for yourself.


While this was an extreme case, we know that water retention can be a problem for many. Another lovely story comes from one of my students who was able to fit into her favourite dress for a special occasion after complaining of feeling bloated and bathing in Bexters. Clients are giving similar feedback, feeling more confident about wearing a summer dress or bikini on holiday after bathing in Bexters the night before.


Used as a soak for hands and feet, if you have a ‘red carpet;’ occasion coming up, give Bexters Soda Crystals a try and let us know how you get on.




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Helen’s Top Tip


Apply Bowtech Ease to relieve itching and inflammation caused by an insect bite or sting. A ‘must-have’ for your holiday suitcase as well as the bathroom medicine cabinet! Our exclusive Ayurvedic aromatherapy oil blend has won many awards and is loved by professionals and customers alike.



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Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Facebook prize draw and congratulations to winner Suann who received three months’ worth of Bexters Bath Crystals. Shake a handful into your bath for a rejuvenating soak or add to warm water to relieve tired, swollen feet.


Try them for yourself and save money at the same time with our summer offer… a sachet of bath crystals at half price with every purchase of Bowtech Ease rollerball, an effective natural remedy for a variety of everyday ailments.


For your chance to win prizes please join us on Facebook where Helen often shares tips and advice; you can also post questions and share your own experiences.




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Bath Crystals

Not just about tennis


Wimbledon may be over for another year, but tennis elbow can strike at any time… this painful condition is not restricted to those who play the sport. Overuse of the forearm from any kind of repetitive or strenuous activity can cause problems.




If the tendons attaching muscles to the elbow are torn or stretched, recovery can take a very long time. To relieve swelling and inflammation try our award-winning Bexters Soda Crystals with applicator wrap to help you get back to match fitness sooner! Applicator wraps are available in blue only and in several sizes for different parts of the body.


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