• Bexters® Soda Crystals 200g

    Small 200g sachet suitable for 2-3 applicator wraps or six baths. Can also be used as a soak in foot spa or hand bowl to soften skin and ease aches and pains.

    Available also as a pack of two at discounted price.


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    single, pack of 2

    8 reviews for Bexters® Soda Crystals 200g

    1. Margaret Barker, Peterborough

      Helen recommended Bexters Soda Crystals with Perkins Pocket to ease the arthritis in my knee. I thought it would take many sessions to make any improvement so imagine my surprise to find a definite improvement after just one session. With continued use my knee is much less painful and walking is much easier.

    2. Suzie Pierce, Solihull

      I have no doubt using the Bexters treatment with Perkins Pocket accelerated my recovery after I tripped over in the garden and injured my hip and thigh when I fell awkwardly onto an iron jardiniere. There was an immediate difference after one application with noticeable reduction in swelling, bruising and pain which initially had been really awful.’ Read Suzie’s story in full here.

    3. Paul H, Rutland

      Being a triathlete in training for several events within a condensed schedule always results in a few niggles. Bexters Soda Crystals are fantastic for soaking in the bath to aid recovery from training or after events, or directly on a specific sore area by using an applicator wrap. Using the knee wrap with crystals helped me particularly by dramatically reducing the swelling after an operation.

    4. Linda Van Scheijndel, Bowen Therapist, Netherlands

      Bexters Soda Crystals work very well even with a longstanding injury. My client’s knee was still severely swollen 17 years after a lengthy recovery from a break in her lower leg. A course of Bowen therapy combined with Bexters reduced the swelling and dramatically improved mobility.

    5. Judith W, Peterborough

      I have been soaking my feet regularly in the crystals after standing all day helping out in a friend’s shop… bliss. Last week I also tipped some into my bath after a long and very tiring day in London (don’t mention unexpected engineering works on the tube!) – it was a revelation. Aching muscles disappeared, tired feet and legs were revitalised and my skin was soft.

    6. Miranda Kent, Canterbury

      I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and one of the main problems is inflammation on the soles of my feet which at times, means I can hardly walk another inch without a great deal of pain. Bexters Soda Crystals are absolute MAGIC, they work like nothing else I have tried and after soaking my feet in them I forget I was ever in pain. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    7. Gurpreet Jabanda, Coventry

      I suffer with acute swelling in both knees and chronic stiffness in my lower back. Using the applicator wraps has alleviated the swelling and bathing regularly in the crystals really helps ease the stiffness in my back. I will always keep a supply of these crystals and thank you so much for such an amazing product.

    8. Paul Showler, chartered physiotherapist, Cambridgeshire

      Having used the crystals over a three-month period I can say they were very useful in reducing acute oedema. This was most relevant in treating recent sporting injuries where patients were happy with their resulting rehabilitation.

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