Winter 2022


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Hello everyone


WINTER sees an increase in niggling ailments such as cold hands and feet, chilblains, sniffles and chills. One simple solution is to have a hot bath which brings real health benefits as well as feeling good.


Hot water causes the blood vessels to open, encouraging better blood flow and lowering blood pressure. This has the effect of improving poor circulation, a common cause of many of these ailments. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are also essential.




We recommend adding Bexters Bath Crystals to the water, as they contain Epsom salts which enhance the effect by easing aching muscles and helping relieve stress. If time is short, soak hands or feet in a bowl of hot water to warm them up as blood flow rises to the skin’s surface. Helen’s PA Julia does this daily – as well as wearing thermal gloves when she’s out and about!


All the benefits of a hot bath can also help if you are one of those who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (see Helen’s blog below), another condition that is more prevalent at this time of the year. Having your bath before bed is even better as, counter-intuitively, it cools the core body temperature which helps us fall asleep more quickly.


If chilblains are the problem, apply multi award-winning Bowtech Ease oil after drying the feet. It stops the itching and reduces inflammation. Skiers swear by it after a day on the slopes.


All our specialist products are natural, safe and effective as well as being environmentally friendly. For more information on how they could help you and your family please see our website.




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Are you feeling SAD… try Niksen


The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ has spread across the Nordic states, describing a cosy personal contentment which might help balance out those negative SAD feelings. We also rather like the Dutch alternative of ‘niksen’… the art of doing nothing. Niksen allows you to spend personal time without feeling guilty that you should in fact be doing something. Read Helen’s blog for inspiration.



Last chance to save




If you’ve been tempted by our Winter Warmer offer on Facebook, here is one last chance to treat yourself and save some money at the same time. Bexters Bath Crystals will be yours for half normal price when you order a 10ml Bowtech Ease rollerball (pictured above).


Soaking your feet in warm water with added crystals will soften the skin and improve blood circulation. Follow with our award-winning aromatherapy oil blend to stop itching chilblains and reduce inflammation on troublesome bunions.


Price: £15.45


Special offer ends February 28th 2022


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Bath Crystals

Green inside and out


We start the year by launching a new eco-friendly 200g sachet for Bexters Soda Crystals and Bexters Bath Crystals. This makes the sachets environmentally friendly on the outside as well as the inside as our natural crystals now come in fully recyclable bags. “As well as being a ‘green’ alternative these bags are see-through which means the crystals are visible, an added advantage for first-time customers,” said Helen.


Thank you so much




Many of you will be aware that we ended 2021 with a ‘best supplier’ award recognising the excellent service our small team strives to deliver. While we don’t always get things right, we do try our very best. This was the latest in a string of awards of which we are very proud. Watch out on your next order for a cute little sticker (pictured above) that we now add to every parcel… an easy way to raise brand awareness. Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do it without you!




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