• Bexters® Bath Crystals 200g

    This 200g sachet is sufficient for between 5-6 baths. Can also be used in a foot spa or bowl of warm water to soothe, tired sore feet.

    Available also as a pack of two at discounted price.



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    Weight 0.200 kg

    single, pack of 2

    3 reviews for Bexters® Bath Crystals 200g

    1. Dr Myrofora Themistocleous, Wanstead, London

      I am suffering from long COVID with a huge range of symptoms including migraines and limb pain. I found that bathing in Bexters crystals, especially the Bath Crystals, has been astonishing at reducing, and even sometimes completely alleviating the pain in my limbs and would definitely recommend this simple and effective remedy. I would also recommend Bowtech Ease which has been very helpful in reducing migraine pain.

    2. Shirley Burrows, Peterborough

      My chiropodist is very impressed with the condition of my feet which I soak in the bath crystals every morning while showering. The crystals soften the skin and help with my aches and pains.

    3. Esther van Boxtel, professional dancer Netherlands

      Soaking my feet in the peppermint Bexters Bath Crystals is a blessing each evening… feet are less stiff and skin feels smoother and softer.

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