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    Bowtech Ease is a multi-award winning Ayurvedic aromatherapy blend of essential oils known for their ability to relieve pain and inflammation to fight infection. Especially effective on bunions and other troublesome joints. Equally effective in relieving symptoms of hay fever, sinusitis, winter chilblains or summer insect bites.

    Bexters Bath Crystals with added Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and peppermint oil offer the ultimate rejuvenating bath experience after physical activity such as a day on the ski slopes! Soak and relax a-while to ease aching muscles and restore a sense of calm. Great for soaking hot, tired feet and swollen ankles.

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    1. Trevor Ward, Peterborough

      Bowtech Ease has relieved the pain in my arthritic toes and a soak in Bexters crystals relieves all those aches and pains after a hard session gardening. These products have certainly improved my quality of life and I would not be without them.

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