• Bowtech Ease 25ml

    Small bottle with integrated pipette dropper. A few drops onto the affected area can be gently applied with a press/release action using pad of thumb or finger until oil is absorbed and skin feels dry. Use twice daily to start with and then once only as pain or inflammation subsides. Repeat as required on toes, fingers or any affected joints.


    Available as a pack of two at a discounted price.

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    1. Natalie Utton, reflexologist Cornwall

      I have had great results applying Bowtech Ease as appropriate before carrying out treatment including one client who suffers from osteoarthritis in the toes and another who arrived for her appointment in some discomfort having twisted her ankle that very morning. The bottle with dropper is perfect for use in clinic and several clients have asked to buy the rollerball for use at home.

    2. Sonia Barton, Bowen Therapist, Australia

      My clients have raved about Bowtech Ease but I have only just used it on myself for the first time. I have been troubled with a stiff knee for months… within 24 hours of applying the oil the stiffness has gone and the knee feels normal again even though I have spent hours on my knees planting seedlings in the garden. Thank you.

    3. Joy Whitehead

      Excellent product. Does exactly what it’s intended to do.

    4. Jane Lee, Master Therapist, Walking on Air Wellbeing, Guildford

      I put the product to the test on a painful thumb injury that was coming under increasing pressure from doing remedial massage and podiatry, clipping hard nails!
      Two drops and one hour later I realised I wasn’t quite so aware of the pain and pressed in another two drops. By the end of the day there was no pain whatsoever and my hand as a whole feels better than the other!

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