• Bowtech Ease 10ml Pack of 2

    This handy 10ml rollerball can be kept in a handbag, sports bag or car glove box for ease of use – or in the bathroom cabinet. Just roll once or twice over the affected area and apply gentle press/release action using pad of thumb or finger until absorbed and skin is dry. Use twice daily to start with and then once only as pain or inflammation subsides.  Ideal for bunions and other painful joints. Effective relief also for hayfever, chilblains and sinusitis.

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    8 reviews for Bowtech Ease 10ml Pack of 2

    1. Lisa Harris, Middlesbrough

      I bought Bowtech Ease from my Bowen therapist Mena Lee and wow, it’s amazing! It has certainly helped ease my arthritic knee. Highly recommended.

    2. Julie Farmer, NST Bowen and scarwork practitioner, Cookley, Worcestershire

      I run a very busy Bowen clinic and recommend Bowtech Ease to my clients all the time because it works for me. After a full day of treatments one application of this natural ‘magic potion’ relieves the discomfort from my arthritic thumb almost immediately!

    3. Gareth Roberts, Nantwich

      I was suffering with an inflamed, throbbing and swollen big toe that sometimes woke me in the night. I was seeing a Bowen Technique therapist for a shoulder problem, and she recommended Bowtech Ease, which has worked wonders. I felt relief from the acute pain as soon as I applied it to the affected area and used it day and night as I needed until things improved.

    4. Lynne Remmick, Rickmansworth

      My bunion was red, inflamed and very painful especially when I turned in bed and it made contact with mattress and bedclothes. After applying Bowtech Ease regular as advised by my reflexologist, the inflammation began to improve. It has now gone completely and the area is no longer painful to the touch.

    5. Jyotsna Nathwani, reflexologist Rickmansworth

      ‘Bowtech Ease is a fantastic oil. I began applying it about three years ago when I noticed a bunion starting to form. After just one week of twice daily use the pain vanished like magic; I now use it as necessary and the bunion has not become any larger.’

    6. Mariana Caitaz, Northampton

      My four-year-old son often has a blocked nose which turn into sniffles and colds. This winter I have applied Bowtech Ease beneath his nostrils before bedtime which helps him breathe and sleep easily. Amazingly he has not had a cold so far!

    7. Pauline Koelling, Physiotherapist and Bowen therapist, Leicester

      My hands have suffered with dryness and eczema with all the lockdown washing and now wearing PPE gloves, and Bowtech Ease really helps. This Ayurvedic aromatherapy oil blend is soothing and smells wonderful. The rollerball is easy to apply. It doesn’t sting and seems to help speed-up healing… lovely stuff!

    8. Lindsey Frazier, Bowen therapist, Bellingham, Washington State, USA

      My clients and I love Bowtech Ease… please don’t ever stop selling it!

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