• Bexters® Soda Crystals 800g

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      Naturally-occurring product mined in Australia, filtered and refined through unique heat processing to maximise their benefits. First popularised by athletes and sportsmen in that country they are now widely used to relieve swollen joints and ease sprains, strains and aching muscles after exercise or physical exertion. Environmentally friendly. Use in a relaxing bath or with Bowen Supplies’ purpose-designed applicator wrap.

    Larger 800g sachet suitable for 8-10 applicator wraps or 24 baths. Can also be used as a soak in foot spa or hand bowl to soften skin and ease aches and pains.


    Available also as a pack of two at discounted price.


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    3 reviews for Bexters® Soda Crystals 800g

    1. Margaret Barker, Peterborough

      Helen recommended Bexters Soda Crystals with Perkins Pocket to ease the arthritis in my knee. I thought it would take many sessions to make any improvement so imagine my surprise to find a definite improvement after just one session. With continued use my knee is much less painful and walking is much easier.

    2. Paul H, Rutland

      Being a triathlete in training for several events within a condensed schedule always results in a few niggles. Bexters Soda Crystals are fantastic for soaking in the bath to aid recovery from training or after events, or directly on a specific sore area by using an applicator wrap. Using the knee wrap with crystals helped me particularly by dramatically reducing the swelling after an operation.

    3. Joy Whitehead

      I love these crystals – they are so versatile. Excellent for sporting injuries and also as a recovery aid for sport – After a long run it’s great to have a soak in the bath using the crystals! It helps reduce the lactic acid build up in my muscles.

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